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GIS Detection Integrated HDPE Pipe

It has been challenging to detect the non metallic material pipes after they were installed.
Knet’s Detectable PE 100 Pipe provides location detection, deployment depth , directions, and GPS information.
Integrated high conductivity longitudinal copper wire sends electrical signals selected from transmitter and accurately locates directions and depths of buried pipes with portable detection equipment.

Identification of precise
location of Underground

Avoid unnecessary digging.
Saves unnecessary street
blockage and labor

Prevents Accident &
unintentional cuts.
Avoids unexpected cutting

Accurate measurement Secures
accurate depths during
- Depth : ± 30 Cm
- Position : ± 30 Cm

The longitudinal direction of the outer pipe, even if the detection accuracy of the excavation is attached to the pipe line to the integrated pipe of the position on the ground (The copper line is protected by protection cover)

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