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Microduct Network Design & Engineering

The optical network construction based on microduct system is a proved, flexible and cost effective solution, but some of the design concept is relatively new compared to the conventional cabling. With our accumulated knowledge from manufacturing, design and installation for more than 15 years, KNET provides consulting services including network design by experienced engineers.

Network Deployment & Installation

The civil works for deploying microduct and fiber cable generally require elaborated job scheduling and experience in order to guarantee a long-term stable operation and to avoid unexpected cost expenses. For several years,KNET has successfully carried out microduct projects ranging from inbuilding, FTTH, intra-city to long distance in many countries like Korea, Indonesia and Myanmar etc. With this knowledge of skilled engineers and quality products of BluLight, KNET provides microduct total solution to our customers.

Operation & Maintenance

Fiber cable transmit high speed data through long, branched network, so any service disruption causes serious problem for both service provider and customers. The fiber monitoring system (FMS) that measures fiber integrity by switched OTDR, which enables real time alert and provides fault location when a cable damage happens. KNET supplies the FMS for enhancement of optical network reliability.

Specialized Training

KNET experts are trained in the air blown system and various trenching techniques. We have, the facility available to other customers and partners who require training on microduct and air blown solution. We have the ability to support network design, deliver knowledge about this advanced technology, providing Fiber Network Management System as well as presenting consulting services. We have, also provide a fully integrated demonstration of microduct total solution where our clients can learn directly.

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