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FTTx connections for homes and businesses are quickly becoming a requirement for new subscribers. For the first time in history, end users are beginning to demand not only quality service, but a specific technology and specific speed requirements. Users are becoming more savvy to different technologies and demand fiber. In fact, high speed fiber connections have been cited as the number one desired amenity for tenants and property owners. Knet has a solution for you to make it easy and to lower your cost per subscriber.

With Knet microduct, single ducts can be easily redirected from a multiduct bundle to service a single connection point without the need for a fiber splice or cross connection. Fibers can then be blown to each connection point from a centralized location, reducing splicing requirements further as well as time and setup costs. With microduct preinstalled to each point, fiber drops can be blown in by a single installer as customers take service, saving cost until a customer takes service and without the need for additional construction. Pre-connected fibers are also available to reduce fiber splicing to almost zero.

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