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  • Solution for Water Treatment, Gas System

Solution for Water Treatment, Gas System



Water Pipe (D500~D1000)
Drain Pipe (D160~D450)
Feed Pipe (Less than D110)
Wastewater reclamation pipe (D110~D1000)
Plant Industrial Pipe
RO, UF Water Treatment System

Firewater System

Power plant, Oil stockpile base, Refinery plant
Petrochemical plant
Gas Extraction

Industrial and Power

Chemical Sewers and Outfalls
Air Duct Pipe
Secondary Cooling Ash Lines
Storm Water Drainage

Landfill and Mining

Mineral conveying Pipe, Gas gathering Pipe
Leachate or Landfill Recirculation
Golf Sprinkler, Swimming Pool, Sauna Piping

What we offer

Various jointing technologies

  • Butt fusion
  • Electrofusion
  • Flexible mechanical couplings
  • Flange connections

Engineering work on applications and site conditions

  • Installation of new pipelines
  • Transition from old existing network to modern plastic pipe
  • Maintenance and alteration

From DN 20 up to DN 1000
Wide range of fittings & tools
Design, Construction & Technical Support
Training & Consulting

Drinking water Pipe

City gas Pipe

Fire fighting pipe

Deep water intake Pipe

Provide Various Fitting & Joint
Technology Support Engineering

Create customized Training Program for
installation, Joint & Fitting

Customer service on Repair &

TL9000 KSA Telcordia
Knet provides Solutions for next Blulight