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Landfill Application – PE 100 Perforated Pipe

With HDPE’s outstanding characteristic, we provide perforated pipe for Landfill application/ gas gathering, leachate collection. Perforated pipe is for collection of leachate and methane gas. With rigorous standards for performance, durability and easy installation, HDPE pipe comply with these.


Leachate collection

An important part of maintaining a landfill is managing the leachate through proper treatment methods designed to prevent pollution into surrounding ground and surface waters. To leachate Collection Pipe System , perforated pipes, surrounded by a bed of gravel, transport collected leachate to specially designed low points called sumps. Pumps, located within the sumps, automatically remove the leachate from the landfill and transport it to the leachate management facilities for treatment or another proper method of disposal

Gas Gathering

Landfill gas is a complex mix of different gases created by the action of microorganisms within a landfill. The gases produced within a landfill can be collected and used in various ways. This approach requires the gas to be processed into pipeline quality, e.g., by removing various contaminants and components.The efficiency of gas collection at landfills directly impacts the amount of energy that can be recovered - closed landfills (those no longer accepting waste) collect gas more efficiently than open landfills (those that are still accepting waste)

Landfill accessory items

We provide landfill accessory items, fittings etc. Please inquiry to our specialist for technical support

Material Size Hole Spec
SDR11 D110 ~ D630 Hole Diameter : 12mmPerforation Pattern &
Diameter can be determined by request
SDR13.6 D110 ~ D800
SDR17 D110 ~ D1000

Type A

Perfect Perforated Pipe

Type B

2/3 Perforated Pipe

Type C

1/2 Perforated Pipe

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