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Last Mile

For an FTTx project, smart city grid, or wireless small cell deployments, the last mile of a fiber installation can be extremely complex with careful planning required. The biggest challenge can be staying within an acceptable loss budget while branching fibers along often pre-determined routes that the operator has no control over such as existing pipe or conduit, streets or sidewalks, or telephone poles. This requires limiting splice points and cross connects wherever possible.

Microduct is uniquely well suited for last mile applications. With microduct, it is simple and easy to re-direct individual ducts along different pathways. With each duct containing an individual cable, it is possible to easily redirect fibers along different pathways without the need for a fiber splice or cross connection. This reduces the product demand, installation time, and dB loss. Unused microducts can be saved for future expansion without the need for additional construction costs and installed with a minimal crew.

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