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When installing microduct underground using a plow the terrain should be pre-plowed to loosen the soil followed by the final plowing of duct. It is crucial to clear the path of the plow from start to finish before beginning installation

Microduct depth should be selected based on local regulations and conditions. Appropriate depths range from 12 to 30 inches. Factors such as ground frost and whether the area will be exposed to heavy machinery such as cars and trucks should be considered. The trench depth should be about 6 inches deeper than the selected microduct depth.

Once the path has been pre-plowed, it’s time to start plowing to duct. A vibratory plow is recommended because the vibrations further loosen the soil  for easier installation. The plow should be able to install one or multiple ducts from separate reels as well as warning tape simultaneously. Make sure that microduct tension and bend radius are not exceeded.

All direct buried microducts from Knet have a built in tracer wire for locating duct after the trench has been covered.  Ensure that the metallic wire is connected together if sections of microduct are joined

With microduct in place it’s time to fill and reinstate the trench. Before doing so, make sure that no ducts are kinked or bent by blowing a small sponge or BB through each duct to make sure it comes out the other side. It is important to make sure that the reinstated soil is well compacted and that no voids are present which could lead to a cave in later. This is especially important if the site will be paved.

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